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For bar, restaurant or club, Bartender provides the most stylish and hardest-working solution, round the clock.
 It may be invisible to customers, but they’ll see the difference in faster service, less harassed staff, and an all-round better atmosphere.

Installing Bartender is a business investment that will show returns day and night, week in, week out. Configured to maximise staff productivity
and efficiency – and therefore turnover of customers – Bartender boosts sales and improves profits.

Imc Bartender detail
The bar-workstation concept is unique to IMC and epitomised in Bartender. From draught pumps to cocktail ingredients,
glasses to cash till, everything is ergonomically positioned to minimise movement of bar staff and maximise
serving speed and efficiency.

Imc Bartender bar by day
Weekdays mean quick drinks, light snacks. Weekends mean lingering over wine and menus. The atmosphere is bright, light,
fresh and busy. Bartender’s clean stainless steel finish reflects the mood. Friendly, efficient; no panic, no pressure.

Imc Bartender bar by evening

Imc Bartender bar by night

Bartender in use

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